Antique Silver Spirit of The Oak Necklace. Original Design


The Majestic Oak is a Symbol of Courage and power.

The Oak stands Strong through all things.

The Oak leaf is said to symbolize Strength, longevity

and endurance.

Acorns Symbolize Luck, Prosperity and Growth.

Some say that they are Good Luck and those who

wear them are given the possibility for unlimited potential.

I hope that this necklace captures the spirit of the oak, and that wearing it will bring you Strength, Endurance, and Luck.

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Spirit of the Oak Necklace


Color: Silver

Zinc Alloy
Size: 18in x 3mm 

Acorn Charm

Color: Antique Silver

Made of nickel free and lead free alloy

Size: 13mm x 6mm

Leaf Charm

Color: Antique Silver

Size: 31mm x 18mm


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